Investment Management Process

Our investment management department houses highly experienced asset managers to yield added value for individual and institutional partners through our systematic investment approach:

Step 1: Client Profiling

We identify the investment needs, expectations, expected return timeframes and capital of partners. This includes studying past investment behavior and liquidity needs.

Step 2: Formulate Investment Strategy

Based on our partners’ risk appetite, we develop comprehensive investment strategies that factor in industry diversification, investment opportunities, expected risks and returns yield, geographies and investment terms.

Step 3: Finalize Investment Plan

Based on our partners’ feedback and in conjunction with their investment objectives, we fine-tune investment solutions to establish a plan that is best positioned to meet our partners’ expectations.

Step 4: Continuous Investment Support

Throughout the process from planning to term, our investment specialists advise partners on additional and new investment opportunities, recommendations on strategic investment diversions to capitalize on market dynamics and a financial health scan of their investment portfolio.